Women’s Culture & Inclusion Specialist. Keynote Speaker. Author. Community Organizer.

My work is designed to elevate women to evolve beyond the status quo.



Women deal with a subset of challenges that are very specific to being a woman. We experience consistent unconscious gender bias, unsupported emotional labor, impostor syndrome, envy and fear on an almost daily basis. And though these traits do not solely impact women; they often do, especially in the workplace.

And this contributes to women feeling insecure, weak, fearful and unable to ask for what we want or need within our personal and professional lives.

In an even larger context, these feelings and behaviors inadvertently pit us against one another. Woman do not flourish without the skills to support and be supported by one another.

My perspective on developing women is delivered via the lens of post-traumatic growth and community with actionable tools, data, vulnerability, and real-life experience.

As a women’s culture consultant, I create curated allyship programming teaching women and men in the workplace a framework for leading and thriving. I also organize and facilitate internal safe-space communities as a tool for leadership to gain concrete insights into the needs of women in the organization. Together, we co-create a Women.Consulted® strategic plan that empowers women at all levels to thrive.

As community builder and speaker, I teach and empower women to develop themselves while also being permission givers for each other via the communities that I lead and the trainings that I offer.


How can we work together?


My keynotes + workshop series are created to empower women to become courageous thought leaders while supporting innovative team connection and a community of change-makers.


Using a foundation of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and community building, Women.Consulted.® provides a framework of integral leadership skills to accelerate the potential and engagement of diverse women@work.


Small groups more your thing? Check out The Collective (of Us) for women small business owners and The Community (of Us) for all women looking to have bold conversations.


A Year of Positive Thinking is a beautiful, accessible book for engineering positivity. Cyndie’s voice is powerful because of its honesty and earnestness―she’s walked where I’ve walked, she’s stood where I stand. Full of inspiring wisdom and encouraging call to action, this book is more than simple comfort on a rough day―it’s a way to change your entire way of thinking.”―Meera Lee Patel, author of MADE OUT OF STARS: A Journal for Self-Realization

Cyndie is an in-demand speaker who energizes a room in seconds. She engages on multiple levels from personal stories to insightful data points and inspires confidence and an ‘I can do it, too!’ attitude. She’s a rare speaker who is consummately relatable and inspiring at the same time. You’ll be 100% glad that you asked her to speak.
— Gabrielle Blair, Founder, Alt Summit