Just because you started your own business doesn’t mean you don’t need perspective and experienced support to help you succeed.

Many small creative business owners experience similar challenges. They're unique to each person and business, but there is a common thread that runs through them. 

I understand creative small businesses and how to support you in executing ideas and moving forward (aka getting shit DONE). 

I know that despite the challenges, you are committed to figuring out how to grow your business, intentionally and authentically. 

Developing a successful strategy before mistakes are made is the most effective and sustainable way to grow. Large brands always develop a plan before launching new ideas but for small business owners, this major step is often left to chance.

Together, we'll create a custom strategy for your business that will save you both the time and high expense of a long learning curve, while creating the space for you to execute the vision of your brand.  

Listen up: Take small steps. It will all happen. You will succeed if you want to.  But first, take intentional action.

Start with strategic coaching sessions.



I’ve created this strategic coaching session specifically based on the needs of YOU: the entrepreneur, the creator, the magic maker and the sole proprietor rockstar.

These one-on-one hyper-focused sessions were created to allow you to make bite-sized actionable changes while creating a big impact for your growing business.

"I was in a place of scatter. I felt like I needed a plan & strategy but didn't know where to start. I would sit down at my computer, drill out the necessities but was felt stuck beyond those tasks. It was blocking me creatively. Today, because of our work with you, we have a clear structure as to how we want to roll out new product, a better idea of how often we should be doing that and better ideas for marketing. You rock and you inspire us...that's it!"
Kylie, Wee Rascals
"I’ve been coaching clients for a few years and haven’t really made the forward movement I know I’m capable of making. Before our session, I felt very stuck in my head with low confidence. After our session, I have a new-found “I’m just gonna do this!” attitude. Cyndie helped me make the mental shift I needed. Just knowing that I’m willing to try things out and see where it goes is so much better than dreaming and taking no action. I feel a renewed sense of energy and am so excited to see where things go from here. Cyndie adds so much value to the conversation! She knows the exact things that need to be said and is brave + bold enough to say them. Thank you, Cyndie!"
Wyokemia Joyner, Wyokemia.com
Or Har-Gil
"Cyndie was attuned to how I was feeling through the process -for example; when I would be feeling overwhelmed or tender, she worked WITH how I was feeling, encouraging me to honor it, rather than pushing past it."
Or Har-Gil, Or Har-Gil Art Therapy
"I was full of ideas but without an action plan to carry them out. Cyndie is THE resource I wanted to help guide me. She helped me lay out a blueprint-- this meant clearing the clutter from my ideas and setting strategic goals. She also answered many of my "how to" questions. Most importantly she provided me with the confidence to push forward with my idea."
Caroline Campopiano, La Loma Designs
"Cyndie coached me through clarifying my key want. There were so many "great" ideas circling my mind and to-do list - it was overwhelming and exhausting. Since working with Cyndie, I've gotten laser focused on my true passion work, I feel relief from the noise, and both thrilled and confident as I work on all of my next steps to getting to my dream work."
Tarah Keech, tarahkeech.com
"Cyndie is a glorious unicorn!! Prior to our initial session I was wanting to pursue a career as a full time artist but had serious self-doubts about the financial risk/payoff. It's been roughly 4 months since our first conversation and I have sold 2 pieces, collaborated with another artist on IG, am moving forward on opening a creative community space with my friend and planning my first show in July! It feels like a complete 180 from where I was before - uncertain about my artistic ability and if this was even viable. Thank you, Cyndie!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Hm, why do I need to invest in these strategic coaching sessions?"
A: From idea to conception; you want to have an action plan to achieve your business idea successfully + efficiently. We discuss the ideas that you currently have for your small business and dissect and prioritize them in order to create a plan for achieving your business goals. Your first step is to sort through the ideas with an unbiased professional perspective to find the clarity to strategically move forward.

Q: "I've never worked with a business coach + I'm still not sure about it. Why would I hire you?"
A: GREAT question. Though coaching used to live solely in the world of "big business" executives; it's become much more necessary (and mainstream) for small business owners, specifically creative businesses.

I am not your average business coach. I spent 15 years in creative business working with designers, merchants and factories before transitioning my own career.  I'm also a  yoga + meditation teacher and an adjunct professor at two (highly acclaimed) design schools in NYC. My work is about YOU building the creative business that can both sustain your lifestyle and allow you to be balanced in the day to day "stuff." Being coached by me will allow you to:

+ Gain perspective and grow your business more efficiently
+ Be accountable to a partner
+ Stay on target for executing your short-term tasks and longer-term goals
+ Help you identify possible income opportunities that you may've missed
+ Brainstorm ideas and give experienced feedback* and not just opinions
+ Connect you with resources for your business

Q: "What can I expect when I fill out the inquiry below?"
A: It's a fairly simple process.  After sending me your inquiry form below, you can expect to receive an email from me within 48 hours. I'll reply with any additional thoughts that I may have based on your response and I'll also send you an option for the next available time for a one-on-one.  You confirm the time slot and we're all ready to get started. 

Q: "Ok, Ok, I know I want to be coached by you. Now what?"
A: Once we've determined that I can, in fact, support your goals and you're clear that you want to work together; you'll receive an invoice. Immediately upon payment, you will receive a pre-session questionnaire. This will take you some time to answer and will direct our 1st coaching session. TAKE YOUR TIME filling this out. 

Q: "What can I expect to happen during our strategic coaching session?"
A: I will call you via an online video call (unless we have an in-person meeting) and we will review your questionnaire. Then we'll brainstorm, strategize and create action steps. We will also arrange consecutive follow-up accountability calls and sessions. That's it. Easy breezy but DAMN, it's high impact for your small business!


Ready to book your Strategic Sessions?

NOTE: Due to high-demand, all private one-on-one sessions require a minimum 3-month comittment, unless otherwise noted.

Your investment includes:
(2) 1 hour sessions// twice a month for 3 months= $2800

(2) 1 hour sessions// twice a month for 6 months= $5,200

(1) 90 minute one-on-one curated business coaching session = $750 (1st time clients only)
Format: LIVE online video session

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