BOLD Business with Cyndie Spiegel

Corporate and brand workshops designed to create bold leadership, a community of support + authentic team connection.

BOLD Business is a custom workshop series created to empower women in business to become bold leaders while supporting innovative team connection and a community of change-makers.

According to Forbes, women tend to think of communication in the form of listening and engaging in a two-way dialogue while men are more likely to focus on broadcasting messages. One form of communication isn't right or wrong but they are, in fact, very different. Communication is, in large part,  why women tend to LEAD differently as well. 

Although men and women speak the same language, we have differences in priorities, processing and behavior, which makes it easy to misunderstand where the other is coming from. To increase our ability to motivate and influence, we must understand one another, which will in turn help build connections and functioning relationships.

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Cyndie Spiegel is an in-demand speaker who energizes a room in seconds. We've asked her to return to our conference for multiple years and continue to receive requests from attendees that they want her to return. Cyndie engages the audience on multiple levels from personal stories to insightful data points, helping attendees put a human face on what success could look like. She inspires confidence and an "I can do it too!" attitude. She's a rare speaker who is consummately relatable and inspiring at the same time, and has an energetic persona that is like bringing lightening into a room. Cyndie is stylish, funny, no-nonsense, bold, smart and entertaining — you'll be 100% glad that you asked her to speak.
— Gabrielle Blair, Founder and Director of Content at Alt Summit

By tapping into our own intuitive form of leadership, we THRIVE and lead more effectively, which benefits the organization overall in a much more powerful way.

"Cyndie brought an energy and style of thinking that invigorated everyone—both men and women alike. By shifting our perspective on fear, participants were able to use fear as a way to build courage. In our space (a company where "giving" is at our core), we attract very passionate and compassionate people willing to fight for others. This workshop gave the encouragement and tools to fight for oneself both inside and outside of the organization." Natasha Ballard: Manager of Culture and Experience, TOMS

Why Does This Matter To Your Brand or Business?

It matters to your bottom line.  Through education, understanding and personal responsibility, we can collectively shift the landscape of the workplace to be more inclusive for EVERYONE.

Having women in the highest corporate offices is directly correlated with increased profitability, according to a new study of nearly 22K publicly traded companies in 91 countries (released by the Peterson Institute for International Economics.) The data was clear about women in top management positions, "an increase in the share of women from zero to 30 percent would be associated with a 15 percent rise in profitability." YES, you read that correctly.

Given the differences in communication and the bottom line impact of it;  having transparent conversations between both sexes creates happier people, with better retention and more direct productivity.

In these workshops and talks, we'll speak candidly about creating change from within through personal responsibility and then create an action plan for impacting each individual's role within the organization. 

These workshops and concepts are taught in larger conferences and corporate  brands and the content is invaluable in teaching leaders the tools while offering a solid action plan to live BOLDLY and thrive, collectively.

"Cyndie brought an energy and enthusiasm to BLINK that we've never experienced. She rallied attendees and speakers alike while offering them the tools and the confidence to go after their scariest, biggest dreams. Unlike most speakers, there is accountability on the spot to go after what you hope to create; ...and the audience leaves with a plan to see their goals realized. Since the conference has concluded,  we've seen attendee and speaker updates about big leaps of faith they have taken ... all motivated by the words of encouragement they received from Cyndie.  We would have her back every year for the way she empowered our attendees."
-Ike & Tash, founders of BLINK Conference


Are you looking for a speaker for your next business conference, Learning and Development workshop or event? Cyndie Spiegel is a business strategist and coach with a focus on women's leadership in the workplace. She spent 17 years on the business side of the New York City fashion industry before transitioning her own career and creating The Collective (of Us), an on-line accelerator for women-owned businesses. 

She is available to speak on topics including personal leadership + growth, small business branding, employee retention and satisfaction, collaboration and community building. Each presentation and all materials are customized based on the needs of your specific audience. Cyndie travels from Brooklyn, New York.

"Cyndie is an incredible light who has that rare and perfect blend of magnetism, conviction, passion, deep wisdom and pure delight. She inspires, she rallies, and she raises people UP to bring their very best work forth. 
This is one woman your people need to hear from."
-Tanya Geisler: Leadership Coach, TEDx Speaker on the Impostor Complex, Step into Your Starring Role Creator


Signature Talks:

On Presence + Public Speaking: How To Stand Up, Be Heard and Create An Impact (in the Workplace and the World)

On Being: Owning Your True Voice + Your Genuine Vibe for the Success of Your Business

On Collaboration: How To Effectively Use Creative Collaboration for Kick-Ass Strategy, Authentic Support + Major Magic Making (The "How To " of Successful Collaboration)  

On Fear + The Imposter Syndrome: How To Do Extraordinary Shit In Business (and Life) By Understanding and Owning Your Fears   

On Confidence + Money: Understanding Your  Market and Value To Confidently Charge What You're Worth

On Tackling The Uncomfortable: How To Turn The Pink Elephant In The Room Into An Empowered Conversation In The Workplace

Meditate, Create and Cultivate: A Workshop on Living Inspired;  Balancing the "Hippie Shit" While Getting the Important Work  Done

On Creating A Business Tribe: The "Who You Need To Know" and "How" to Build Authentic Connection for an Inspired, Profitable Business

"I’ve seen Cyndie speak at multiple conferences.
She has an energizing way of bringing the audience into the conversation, pushing them to reflect and move forward. Her talks are one part practical examples and real-life storytelling and one part kick-in-the-pants motivation and accountability...And I love her for it."
-Mallory Whitfield: Content Analyst at FSC Interactive, Chief Creator of Awesome at Miss Malaprop


Speaker Rates and Booking Details:

Please e-mail support(at) for current speaker rates. Special consideration may be made for non-profit organizations. 

Cyndie speaks about personal leadership, women-focused entrepreneurship, and additional topics around the importance of personal branding, collaboration and community building. 

She travels from Brooklyn, New York. 

"I work with a lot of speakers and Cyndie Spiegel knocks it out the park! "Inspiring", "empowering;" these are a few the words that attendees used to describe her. She holds you accountable for owning your life so you leave feeling ready to create the reality you truly choose...with an action plan to do so. THANK you!"
- Gianne L. Doherty, Founder of W.E.L.L. Summit

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