"Cyndie is an incredible light who has that rare and perfect blend of magnetism, conviction, passion, deep wisdom and pure delight. She inspires, she rallies, and she raises people UP to bring their very best work forth. This is one woman your people need to hear from."


Why Does This Matter to Your Brand or Business?

It matters to your bottom line. 

Through education, understanding and personal responsibility, we can collectively shift the landscape of the workplace to be more inclusive.

In these keynotes and workshops, we'll speak candidly about creating change from within through personal responsibility and then create an action plan for impacting each individual's role within the organization. 

These workshops are taught in larger conferences and corporate brands and the content is invaluable in teaching leaders the tools while offering a solid action plan to live BOLDLY and thrive, collectively.

"Cyndie Spiegel is a force of nature. Bold, strong and confident. She has the ability to make everyone in the room feel exactly the same way: Empowered. She is a dynamic speaker with an authentic voice."

Powerful Keynotes


Interactive Workshops


Topics Include:

  • On Positive Thinking: Building A Positive Mindset With A Healthy Dose of Cynicism: ***Based on my book, A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom and Courage

  • On Asking: Embracing The Power of Asking. More. Now.

  • On Fear + the Impostor Syndrome: How to Do Extraordinary Shit by Understanding and Owning Your Fears

  • On Being: Confidently Owning Your True Voice + Your Genuine Vibe  

  • On Collaboration: Effectively Using Collaboration for Kick-Ass Strategy + Major Magic Making   

**WARNING: Cyndie will use words like "intention" and "authenticity" but will also drop some F-bombs along the way. **

"Cyndie is an in-demand speaker who energizes a room in seconds. We've asked her to return to our conference and continue to receive requests from attendees for her to return. Cyndie engages the audience on multiple levels, helping attendees put a human face on what success could look like. She's a rare speaker who is consummately relatable and inspiring at the same time, and has an energetic persona that is like bringing lightning into a room. Cyndie is stylish, funny, no-nonsense, bold, smart and entertaining — you'll be 100% glad that you asked her to speak."

"Cyndie was fantastic! We brought her in for a ladies' lunch - she's remarkably engaging and everyone absolutely loved her."

Amanda Gerhardt-King, People Operations Manager, CB Insights

Past Clients & Conferences

"Cyndie brought an energy and style of thinking that invigorated everyone—both men and women alike. By shifting our perspectives, participants were able to use fear as a way to build courage. In our space (a company where 'giving' is at our core), we attract very passionate and compassionate people willing to fight for others. This workshop gave the encouragement and tools to fight for oneself both inside and outside of the organization."
Natasha Ballard: Manager of Culture and Experience, TOMS
"Cyndie brought an energy and enthusiasm that we've never experienced. She rallied attendees and speakers alike while offering them the tools and the confidence to go after their scariest, biggest dreams. There is accountability on the spot to go after what you hope to create, and the audience leaves with a plan. Since the conference has concluded, we've seen attendee and speaker updates about big leaps of faith they have taken...all motivated by the words of encouragement they received from Cyndie. We would have her back every year for the way she empowered our attendees."
"Cyndie is such an engaging speaker and has the ability to make you feel more powerful than you were when you arrived. We felt incredibly lucky to have her keynote. Her presentation was rated as a top presentation and was one of the most engaging presentations of the event."
Kimberly Shappee, Founder/CEO, The Athena Conference
"I work with a lot of speakers & Cyndie knocks it out the park! 'Inspiring,' 'empowering,' a few of the words attendees used to describe her. She holds you accountable for owning your life so you leave feeling ready to create the reality you truly choose with an action plan. THANK you!"


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