Since I connected with Cyndie my life has changed!!! I am having this crazy creative awakening and the high from it is immense. My heart is pounding on a daily basis and I am loving every second of the rush. So…thank you Cyndie for opening my world and allowing me to see so much possibility. 
Danielle Stroble,



Before Cyndie, I was all over the place in a serious storm. Today I have a real vision and real target goals. I have focused my business idea and have built a plan of action to launch. Cyndie is truly amazing and her ability to focus my own dreams into something I could really work towards has been a profound experience for me. Even though money was exchanged, I really feel like I gained a friend and I needed that! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Ashly Rose, Alice + Eddy Party

I had thought through a lot of the aspects of my business but needed some input to tie it all together. Cyndie cut through the fat in a really helpful, strong but kind way. I really appreciated the direct questions that get to the root of why you're doing this or why you haven't done that. Meeting with you helped me think through a plan and schedule for every aspect of my business. It also made me realize what wasn't crucial RIGHT NOW. I feel like I have a strong hold on the direction I'm going in and I know that it doesn't have to be perfect, I just have to keep going!It's allowed me to show my personality through the business really easily from the start in a simple way.
Christina Olson, Travel Minded

Before Cyndie I was in a place of scatter! I felt like I needed a plan & strategy but didn't know where to start. I would sit down at my computer, drill out the necessities but was felt stuck beyond those tasks. It was blocking me creatively! Now we have a clear structure as to how we want to roll out new product, a better idea of how often we should be doing that and better ideas for marketing! Cyndie rocks, that is all!
Kylie Clayborne,


After working with Cyndie, I felt confident meeting with investors. ...she helped me map out costing, articulate the vision of my brand, and weed out any products that took away from the core of my business. In one session we developed a cohesive sales pitch, explored short term and long term strategies, and developed the identity of the brand. Cyndie's experience and creativity was instrumental in developing a detailed presentation. I highly recommend consulting with Cyndie Spiegel at any stage of creative venture in fashion. She understands the creative process and brings her industry knowledge and strategic mind to help your concept meet market demands and grow into a sustainable business. She gets straight to the point and truly loves working with others to bring their ideas to life. She is excellent at following up with information and revising a work in progress.
Rachel Brand, Studio Rachel Brand

I'd just lost my job and wasn't sure what I wanted to do. After reading Cyndie's story I felt a connection - we had similar backgrounds that included her career change. She was a "No Bullshit buddy" and a cheerleader all in one. The changes have been amazing. My focus was less about a business and more about me, trying new things and discovering what brings me Joy. The result is a healthy approach to life, that incorporates yoga, fitness, cooking and more time with those I love, including me time. As silly as it sounds, Cyndie gave me permission to do what I wanted to do. Just having you to talk to about it was enough to stop the little negative voice inside my head telling me that I couldn't.
Nancy Dowling

I'd decided to begin a coaching program as part of my business offerings, but was stalled on how and where to begin.  Because I knew that Cyndie came from a corporate background to coaching (as I have), coupled with her no-bullshit attitude online, I suspected that we'd get along just fine. Cyndie guided me to redesign my site, and as a result of working with her I'm more mindful of how to market my skills. But more importantly I launched my business! It's been a great ride. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Cyndie quarterly which is an AWESOME optional offering for a selective few of her clients. You're a rock star. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!   Karen Walrond, Chookooloonks



Cyndie consulted with us at a pivotal time in the development and growth of our accessories business. While the identity of the product was becoming more clear, we hadn’t yet secured strong manufacturing partners or an effective development process. Starting with a deep and researched understanding of the market, she proposed merchandising plans for design to work from while overseeing materials, target costs, market needs, and design functionality throughout the development of the collections.

Cyndie is impressively focused and organized. She managed a matrix of people and processes with commanding ease. Her passion, capacity for mentoring and her thorough understanding of design thinking and the development process make her an excellent consultant.  She has a true ability to shape a concept into a reality. Cyndie made such a positive impact on our brand and taught us all a great deal.

Casey Cadwallader: Narciso Rodriguez, New York


Before working with Cyndie, we had an idea and a vision for what we wanted to achieve but she enabled us to turn that dream into a physical reality. We launched a luxury line together that was internationally praised by many, including Anna Wintour and Suzy Menkes. Cyndie's precise, dynamic and considered approach has enabled us to imagine what we could achieve on a bigger level while understanding and delivering on the detail.  We feel honoured that she chose to work with us and we continue to learn and push ourselves further as a result of her involvement.
Cameron Saul: Bottletop UK



Before The Collective {of Us}, I just changed my business services from social media management to consulting. I wanted a group where I could receive inspiration, accountability, and support to grow my biz. At first I worried that we wouldn't get much out of the calls because we were all so different. I could not have been more wrong. I loved learning what everyone was doing. Working alone can be isolating and stressful. Being accountable for specific tasks of my choosing twice a month was INVALUABLE. There is no way I would have made so many changes so quickly if I wasn't a member. Caitlin Bacher, Little Farm Media


Before The Collective {of Us}, I was in the process of figuring out a new project and hadn't completely decided exactly what I was going to do when I met Cyndie. Over the course of a few weeks, I figured out that direction, and during the group calls we launched! I was worried initially that I was going to be either surrounded by newbies or completely out of my league...but honestly there were so many from all walks, and everyone had something to give. It was so beneficial. I would absolutely recommend The Collective. It was such an eye opening experience for me to be able to learn from so many different types of people from different places and in different industries.
Abbey Kyhl, Abbey Kyhl Photography

Since I found The Collective {of Us}, I’ve been able to create a much more cohesive brand experience. I FINALLY feel like my website represents me the way I want. Being a part of this group has made a quantifiable difference in my business, and there is such an element of trust amongst the group members. Cyndie's approach is a nice balance of “Get off your ass” and “We can make this work.” I think many other fledgling and seasoned business owners would benefit!"
Monique, Founder of The Visionary Journal + Keep Chasing The Stars

I joined The Collective  {of Us} because I needed outside perspective on what I was doing and direction from someone who I could trust to provide me with advice and support. The fact that Cyndie not only provided that but a network of other individuals who were running their own businesses was why I wanted to join. This is an incredible opportunity to hear others struggles and answers to ideas from other business owners. I got enormous amount of perspective and guidance to focus on ways to grow my business. Would I recommend? YES. It's simply life changing.
Shalee Cooper, Instantly Framed