You started a business with big intentions, a whole lotta heart and some kick-ass skills...but there’s plenty that you don’t know. Now what?


Just because you started your own business doesn’t mean you don’t need perspective and experienced support to help you thrive. The mindset of trying to do it all yourself is outdated and worse, complete bullshit. If you hope to turn a profit or build a sustainable small business, get help. Now.

You’re human, woman. Cut yourself some slack. You don’t know everything...so fucking what?! Neither do the rest of us. #You’llGetThere

Many small business owners experience similar challenges. They're unique to each person and business, but there’s a common thread that runs through them. I know how to support you in executing on ideas and moving forward to get shit done.


I don’t believe in wasting time, yours or mine.

We'll create a custom strategy for your business that will save you the time and the high expense of a long learning curve, while creating the space for you to execute the vision of your brand. Ready? #YAS.

Listen up: Take small steps. It will all happen. You will succeed if you want to. But first, take intentional action. Start with strategic coaching sessions. Our one-on-one hyper-focused sessions were created to allow you to make actionable changes while creating a big impact for your growing business.

"After seeing Cyndie speak at multiple events, I hired her as a business coach. Prior to hiring her, I felt overwhelmed and exhausted between both a rebrand and working full-time for my clients. We worked on my pricing strategy, brand style, new website, and a clear pitch for my new work. Within three short weeks of working together, our coaching work paid for itself when I was able to negotiate a much higher rate with a client. I highly recommend Cyndie for any small business owner."



[1] Sessions: 

We meet for a one-hour video call every other week, over the course of 3  months. We pre-schedule all calls in advance. **Note: A single session is available for first-time clients.**

Your scenario: "I have a goal that I need to meet or a situation to handle. Help me figure it out and then keep me accountable for getting it done. I'm hoping to create longer term mindset shifts due to our work together."

Your scenario for a single session: "I need to brainstorm around what's happening right now and create a plan. But I don't need longer-term support to execute or keep me accountable. I can do that on my own."

Investment: $4000 for 3 months (6) 60-minute sessions or $850 for (1) 90-minute single session
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[2] Retainer Business Partner for Small Businesses:

Consistent continual support, expertise + guidance. We meet for (1) 90-minute call, every week. We pre-schedule all calls in advance.

Your scenario: "I have my shit together but I need a brain trust and someone to hear out my thoughts and help me strategize alternative ways of handling next steps. I understand the value of paying for an expert to be my sounding board and support system. I also know that paying you would be a hell of a lot less expensive than paying a business partner!"

Our work together would include:
• Personal leadership development (How to say 'no,' prioritize, push boundaries when needed, ask for what you want, stand up for yourself and team, etc.)
• Business support + strategy
• Organization for efficiencies within the business, as needed
• Work/life balance strategies

Investment: $2600 per month (3-month minimum)
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[3] No-Bullshit VIP Coaching Day ***Limited Availability:

This in-person day is dedicated to you creating an actionable plan and having an incredible experience while doing so. It includes a shit ton of strategic planning but also a few wellness surprises, Brooklyn style, throughout the day to balance out all of the work.

Your scenario: "I have little time, need results quickly and I'm willing to pay a premium to make shit happen. I value exclusivity and I'm willing to do the work, but I need a solid, expert [read: genius] plan to execute from."

How do I know if this is for me?  Expect clarity, focus, breakthroughs and results all within a day’s work. No bullshit, this is one of the most incredible investments in your business’s profitability.  With that said, it’s not for everyone: This is for you if you don’t need daily hand-holding but instead, you need clear strategy, accountability and a way forward immediately. The experience of spending the day together to dig in to your business and create a solid plan is one well worth investing in.

***VIP day includes one 60-minute and one 30-minute follow-up call.

Interested? Please tell me more about yourself here and we’ll set up a call to make sure we’re the right fit based on your needs.


"Cyndie is efficient, compassionate and fucking brilliant!" 
Asia, Sparrow Soirees




“Cyndie kicked my ass and business into high gear. After 8 years of running my company, I hit a slump. She helped me let go of the fear that was holding me back & instead focus on what I do well. I was able to release the reins to let my team do what they do well. Now, we've learned to maximize our results & avoid getting distracted. This seemingly simple shift has opened up space for me to explore the limitless possibilities of where my business can go, a business I’ve fallen back in love with!” Shell, Shell's Loft

"Working with Cyndie and also being a member of The Collective (of Us) is the best business decision I’ve made. I went from having an idea, to launching a business, to growing a business, to strategizing business shifts and expansions with a community of supportive, talented, strong women. Cyndie is a no-nonsense coach that empowers you to clearly see and create your path, all while inspiring you and keeping you laughing!" 
Elizabeth, Cheeky Days


“Before I started working with Cyndie, it was hard for me to even clearly describe what my business was. Through her coaching, I gained confidence in the meaning of my business, the direction I want it to go in, and I found my voice within my brand. Working with her has been inspiring, authentic, and absolutely one of the best decisions I have made for both self and business growth.”
Julie, Makers & Goods


"I started working with Cyndie a few months after I launched my own coaching business. I was struggling with where and how to focus and felt completely overwhelmed. The best investment I made in myself and my business was hiring Cyndie. Since working together, I've tapped into resources and strengths I never knew I had. I've made incredible strides in my business and met goals that I didn’t think were possible so early on. She is both gentle and fierce, calling you on your shit when it’s needed and offering you confidence when you get lost. Cyndie is truly my secret weapon.Shirin, Wholehearted Coaching


"When I started working with Cyndie, I didn't really have a business. I had an idea, but I wasn't actually making money. I was spending a LOT of time throwing a bunch of crap at the wall and seeing what stuck. I’ve made so many changes as a result of our time together that sometimes, I cannot even believe my business's growth. I’ve become extremely focused, and that focus has afforded me several opportunities that I never thought possible. I learned effective marketing strategies, gained the courage to believe in myself, and started treating my business like a real business, which is now profitable. I feel unstoppable!” Taylor Lee, artist