Digest #007: Stay True to Your Roots

What a month! I was away on a Women’s Leadership residency with The Omega Institute. Countdown 24 days til the wedding. And The Collective (of Us) is under a complete restructure and rebrand that I can’t wait to share about next month. ***The new website is RIDICULOUSLY good.

In the midst of all the crazy; it is SO easy to become ungrounded and forget what matters most. I challenge you, friend, to stay rooted in your mission, your vision and the things that you hold most dear. Especially in this crazy world that we’re currently living in

Now onto the digest!


This is an edited version of a note I wrote to myself in early 2013.

If you've followed my blog or IG account long enough, you know 2013 was a rough year. I was transitioning my career, had a bad(ish) break-up, lost a bunch of weight and life just didn't make any sense at all to me, essentially I imploded a perfectly good life.

Mama (erghmm, me!) has come a long way since then. 

I share this because I know that it's hard to see with perspective when you're inside of the shit 💩that isn't awesome.

But I promise you, things DO get better.

But first, we must stand in whatever we're in...and deal with it, head on.

.I will take back control of my life. I am rooted and grounded and secure. The universe does not decide my path or focus, I do. I am a part of this universe (no less than the trees and the stars)...it does not decide my path. The universe does not "own" me, I am a part of it. I make my own decisions and it is my responsibility to stay well and focused. I am accountable to me. I will not waste away by allowing the "universe" to pull me in varied directions. I will choose my life. -❤️2013


If you have a business and you use social media--I can not stress the importance of this.

Curation doesn't equate to lying or being dishonest unless your goal is to curate perfection.

But if showing happy glittery parties is your brand, then YES, show perfection because we dream through your brand. We look to you for happy sparkles. We look to you to be the light in an otherwise sometimes dark reality. 

We do NOT need harsh reality in every post in an effort to be authentic.

But curating the story you tell is simply... branding.

Your job as a business owner is to be cohesive, to not confuse your people and to allow them to get to know you and your brand.

But your job is NOT to let everyone see every shitty part of your reality. And yes, we all have one.

Storytelling is a craft and certainly not one that I've mastered but I do know this: the reason I prefer Instagram to Facebook is because I don't want to be barraged with people's realities all the time.

Imagery allows us to share ourselves in a way that is both authentic and real.

You can and you should tell the truth but as a small business, you also want to be professional and trustworthy. Your audience is relying on you.

For example, if you're selling handmade ceramics, I don't need to see your breakfast unless you can somehow tie that it to your work, which is WHY I'm following you.

Consider your audience and your business with every post you make because THAT is the message you're telling the world about what you do and who you are.

Some food for thought. Now go on out there and keep pushing boundaries, you fucking unicorn🦄, you.


Last weekend was my dual bachelorette bridal party and it was so much more perfect than I could've imagined.

No weird ass games, pin the tail on the "who the fuck knows what" or feather boas but instead colorful tablescapes, gorgeous flowers, lovely organic food, limitless wines and colorful friends ...All together for a grown ass women's slumber party weekend.

I rarely show my friends on social media because it's important to me that I respect their privacy and my own personal life. That same holds true of this magical weekend.

But when one long distance girlfriend saw pictures and said "I love how diverse your close friend group is!"... I knew that my life off line was exactly what it is online and in my business. And that made me incredibly happy.

Colorful, magical, honest and intentional.

Life is exactly what you create it to be.

Make sure that who you are on the inside represents the life you live on the outside and the friendships that you keep.

Cultivate friendships that represent your true self.

Always. And intentionally.

4. 💗❤️ 28 DAYS.

I'm going to marry this cutie.

And then live happily ever after.

Or hell, at least that's what we're both manifesting. And both Tarot and my astrological chart is in full alignment. One must check these things, no? 

We are so motha'fucking doing this...and the stars are all happy and shit too.


Sit with that for a second.

You are not here to play small.

You are not here to coddle others insecurities. You have no time for that bullshit.

Your job is not to make yourself small in an effort to make others feel larger.

You are here to be a force for whatever you believe in. 

You are here to stand proudly and be a motha'fuckin' light in a sometimes darkened world.

Insecurities? We all have them. Me, you and everybody else. Move towards them.
Dig in.
Be uncomfortable.
And then...get on with it.

But whatever you do; know that it is not your responsibility to fix anyone else or to become smaller in their presence.

You, my dear, are here to stand for something greater than you, alone.
Collectively, we all rise.
But only when we allow ourselves to stand in our greatness, with confidence, graciousness and fierceness.

Don't be afraid of that. I'll be right here alongside you.

Can I get a "that's what I'm talking about!" if you agree?


Jen Sincero “You Are A Badass At Making Money


Erika of We Are Tactile PR, who is also joining The Collective (of Us) IN-HOUSE COUNSEL. More on that in the next month!


Write a list of  what you believe most in. Tape it up somewhere obvious. Every single time you start to feel ungrounded or out of control; read this list. Use it as your anchor.

Rinse and repeat with a list of words that make you feel calm + grounded. Tape that up, too.

If you’re not into writing, vision board it with pictures instead.

These lists or boards will be your guide when things feel shitty and out of alignment with your soul.  They will bring you back...home. BONUS: Please email me your list if you’d like to share, I’d love to hold the space for your vision alongside you.

That's it til' next time.

Please let me know what you think about this topic in the comments below the post.

With love and wisdom from Brooklyn, 


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