Digest #006: Love, Grace + Acceptance

Happy May (thank effin' goodness!) Last month was a time of high highs and low lows thanks, in part, to mercury in retrograde.  Did you feel that too?

How we handle the shifts that happen in our world have everything to do with how we perceive those shifts. If we can learn to accept them as part of the natural ebb and flow of life; we feel less disoriented when they happen. If, on the other hand, we hold too tightly to the way “things should be”; we get stuck and caught up in what isn’t.

Flexibility and patience are what we need more than anything in highly emotional times and tapping into grace and accepting things as they are (rather than how we want them to be) are incredibly helpful to getting through the rough stuff. I promise!

Now onto the digest!


New friends ...so here goes:

I'm a {very non-traditional} Brooklyn-based speaker and small business coach. I'm also founder of The Collective (of Us), which is an online accelerator + mastermind for women founders.

As a biracial women who grew up in New Jersey with little money, I knew firsthand that an EDUCATION would be the only way out and up.

The older I got, the more I realized that ACCESS would become another form of currency that I wasn't aware of.

After 15 years of following a very traditional career path in fashion, I transitioned into coaching and teaching women founders the power of taking back their own power.

It was only then that I realized how much of an impact COMMUNITY would have on building a solo business. I felt incredibly stuck and as I slowly (and awkwardly) made my way into new entrepreneurial communities and attended every event I could find for women in NYC, I realized that there was real value in the way I grew up.

I had a keen lack of judgement about folks from different backgrounds and ways of growing up and because of that, I gained access to all kinds of brilliant entrepreneurial women.

The foundation of my business and work is based on education, access and community.

And given my long winding path to right here; I know that collaboration is the key to success and that competition doesn't truly exist unless you allow it to.

I speak a lot about these topics in my professional life. I also teach the tools to live these topics in The Collective (of Us) and during workshops.

Expect lots more online classes soon.

I walk the talk. And I expect the same of others.

Now. YOU. ⭐️Tell me three things about YOU⭐️. I really do want to know you.


This little glass pig 🐖 is almost full.

Every penny, nickel, quarter, dime and dollar in this little 🐖 were found.

Ira and I picked up every cent, mostly on the streets of NYC, since getting this glass bank.

So often we toss away coins and step over them on the ground; as if we're too good to bend our asses over and pick them up. I've done it too. 

But a few years ago, someone said to me that our thoughts were direct connections to the universe. If that were true (and I believe it is) then what if every time we ignore money, regardless of how small; we are sending a sign into the ether telling the universe that this small change isn't enough? What does that say about us?? All I knew was that it wasn't a message I wanted to send.

From that point on, we say a silent abundance prayer and deposit each coin into this pig. Today, I noticed it was almost full.

I'll take that, too, as a sign from the universe.

Small efforts...add up.

Keep walking the walk and doing the work. Eventually, with patience, you reap the benefits.


We are always thinking forward, moving ten steps ahead...going, going, going.

But what if? What if we sat still? What if we allowed the quiet to settle in? To even uncomfortably settle in? What if we allowed ourselves to be exactly where we are, in this moment...exactly as we are? 

The implications are huge.
We might accept ourselves.
We might listen to our soul.
We might take giant leaps internally but physically stay in the same place.
We might learn to accept, honor and celebrate our differences.
We might allow ourselves and others to just...BE.

And how incredibly fucking awesome might that be?


Over dinner last night; I had a very powerful conversation with another woman business owner who is in the fundraising stage of her incredible business.

What resonated most about our talk was this: As women, we often don't feel deserving of what we do, who we are or the power we wield over our own damn businesses.

We don't feel "enough." 

We profess graciously that we were "lucky" to be in the right place at the right time whenever good shit happens.

So much of the work I do is about women knowing that they DO, in fact, deserve good shit. But even so, I also fall into the "I got lucky" trap.

Can we all, starting now, give ourselves a little more motha'fuckin' credit?! Because yes, we DO deserve to be here.


Hang with people who make you want to dance... People who make you feel lighter... Who make you smile...the really big one... Who allows you to be your most private self.

Protect your space and honor it with those that make you...better. 

I'm going to marry this man in 67 days.

Ps. His. ❤Red. Shoes! Yep. We both chose well.

That's all. Oh. And @kirthb, you see into our souls with your photos. Thank you.


The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber and it’s one that every business owner and aspiring business owner should read. It’s been around for about 25 years.


Makers + Goods: Julie has the most gorgeous assortment of curated gifts, all made by small businesses around the country AND she donates a percentage of sales to non-profit organizations. What's not to L-O-V-E?


Create a mantra for yourself that you can use to ground you when things get cray-cray and emotions swing from low to high. I’ll be getting married in a few weeks, things are getting busier (did we forget to order plates?! etc.) and I have to keep reminding myself that “All is as it should be.” Cliche? Sure. But does it work? Fuck yeah!

When I need a voice of reason, this reminder brings me back. Every time.

That's it til' next time.

Please let me know what you think about this topic in the comments below the post.

With love and wisdom from Brooklyn, 

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