DIGEST #005: Everyday We’re Hustlin’ BUT Living Like The Badasses We Are.

Apparently the word “hustle” upsets some people. Can we take back some of the power around how we work and why?

The hustle doesn’t hurt and it isn’t a dirty word, regardless of whether you hustle for yourself or someone else’s business. Can we all agree on that?

Hustle as hard as you want but don’t forget to take care of YOU, too. One without the other causes major burnout. Let’s collectively avoid that nastiness, shall we?!

Now onto the digest!

1. ❤️💗 ON RITUALS.

I was out with one of my best girlfriends last night for dinner and we were talking about the concept of ritual.

A ritual is often that thing you do; day in, day out ...and it instantly brings you back.

The busier (and older!) I get, the more important these rituals become.

They keep me centered amongst all the craziness out there; outside of myself. My rituals bring me...home. 

Making legit Chai that I learned how to make in India from a woman named Seema years ago is one of my fave rituals.

The smell of the spices boiling scents our entire apartment and the creaminess of the tea after 35 minutes of brewing is delicious. It's not an on-the-go tea bag or a machine made cup of coffee. This baby takes TIME. It takes patience and waiting to get the good stuff.

And for that; I'm even more grateful.

I would love love love to know what your rituals are. They can be as teeny and simple or as grand as you'd like. But do share. Let us borrow some of your simple wisdom.


I'm not sure why we grown ass women have such a hard time with this word.

When I think hustle; I think "I work diligently to make shit happen; to live the way I choose to, to go big. Onwards and upwards!" But I think there's something about this word that I'm missing because I've heard quite a few women say that they don't hustle for anything.

What the fuck does that mean? Enlighten me, please, friends. 

If you believe in what you're doing enough to put your heart, soul + reputation into it every single day--you're hustling.

Can we please stop acting like this is a terrible word? Am I the only one whose proud of the hustle? I don't think so.

The hustle is what built my business into a 6-figure business from the ground up after transitioning from a COMPLETELY different industry at the age of 35, all while having to learn an entirely new skill set of becoming an entrepreneur.

And nope, I am NOT ashamed of that.

So let's all put on our big girl panties and support our crazy hustle as we all boldly live out our motha'fucking dreams.

Stepping down off soapbox now.


In the world of small business; what's MOST important are your people.

Numbers fluctuate. Sales go up and down (hopefully, mostly up.) Success happens for some and not for others. Businesses start and businesses shutter. Plans change. Lives change and we all change.

Everything is flexible; even in the most successful of businesses.

But the one thing that keeps you sane and on the right path for you...is your true blue💙genuine community.  

I don't mean the people that want something from you...I mean the ones that actually give a shit about you and your success.

The ones that have your back and love you in spite of yourself because let's face it, sometimes, we're not fucking awesome.

These are the ones you must focus on while you're moving on up in the world (getting on magazine covers and filming with Glamour magazine and shit!💩) because THESE are the women who will ground you and keep you sane while calling you on your own bullshit.

Please remember that you are never too motha'fuckin' cool for your own damn tribe.

Love em' as hard as you can and cultivate relationships that truly matter.


Lesson #77  in building a small business and living boldly: Do what you say you will. That's it. Promise what you can actually deliver. And deliver it in a timely fucking☺️ manner.

It's very simple.

I can't tell you how many people I come across that over promise, under deliver or flat out just don't follow-through with their own agreements. 

As someone who came from larger companies; it's still surprising to me how this often times seems the norm in small businesses.

Any of these sound familiar? I'll connect you with so and so, I'll send you XYZ for feedback, I'll email you and follow-up on X conversation.

Yep. We've all met that person.

Here's what I know though: we teach people how to treat us and if we continue to hold up our part; we don't lose our own integrity. As long as YOU do what you promised, you've lost nothing.

I'm very lucky to work with incredible women every day. And a lesson that I've learned quickly is how to gauge who is trustworthy, honest and truly "my" people.

We also learn who isn't. And that's not a bad thing.

It's how we grow and evolve, it's how we learn not to be taken advantage of. It's how we build solid businesses on a foundation of integrity.

Keep this in mind: do what you say you will when you say you will. That's it.

Your business and your reputation will thank you for it later. I promise.


You know that thing (or sometimes person) that sucks every bit of your motha'fucking energy or just doesn't feel good? Of course you do. We all do.

Here's the deal: Permission granted to not engage with it or them, at least temporarily.

I've made a very conscious effort over the past few months to say no to things; even things I'm "supposed" to do (i.e. People are in town so I must hang out or gym membership so I must go take a class or drinks with that person that is "good to know" but actually bores the hell out of me.) No. No. and Nope. And I don't feel guilty.  [Read more…]

I challenge you to do the same, friend.

Free yourself up to care for yourself and honor what is most important. And...ya know...drink with your friends for no reason at all.

You know that question to solve all questions..."Will this matter 5 years from now?" Consider that when you say yes to things you'd really prefer to say "no" to.

Who are you saying YES for? Is it for you or the person you've decided that you have to do this for?

You are not selfish.

You are not an asshole.

You're protecting your own energy and space to focus on what matters most.

Just a thought to kick off the week.


Women; please read this. It’s about money, funding, capital...call it whatever the hell you want. We women don’t talk about this as a viable option for our small businesses enough. But it’s the one way most companies that you know and love...go BIG. Million Dollar Woman by Julia Pimsleur


Oui Shave’s 14K Gold Plated  Carrie Razor...because turning shaving into a ritual slows me the 'EFF down. Every. Single. Time. I bought this a few weeks ago and it’s changed my shower life...for the better.


First, honor what makes you feel good on the inside (rituals, binge watching a Netflix Series,  kickboxing etc.) and do more of that. THIS. WEEK. At least TWICE. Because why not?

But don’t forget the thing that inspired you to start your own business to begin with.

Write down what that is + keep it close by.

Add whatever this is as a reminder to your phone for every Wednesday (HUMP Day) morning.  

***This is that awesome point in the week where you start to wonder what the fuck you were thinking by doing your own thang. Am I right?!***

So starting next week, OWN that shit and remind yourself of your WHY. This is a powerful + simple exercise in gratitude. Truly.

That's it til' next time.

Please let me know what you think about this topic in the comments below the post.

With love and wisdom from Brooklyn, 

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