DIGEST #004: A Lesson In Being Good To Yourself

I’m sharing a theme of wellness and self care this week for several reasons but one very important one. My dear friend was recently on the way to the airport heading to a conference when her husband had to stop the car and turn around to go to the hospital. She was hospitalized for 11 days with heart failure. She’s 35, has a young daughter and takes good care of herself with the exception of working too damn much. When she arrived, her heart was functioning at 30% percent. Yes, 30%. The likelihood of her surviving was very slim (and by the grace of God, she has.) Overwork didn’t necessarily cause this but it also doesn’t help when we don’t slow down enough to hear our bodies and minds. This shit is real. So many of us take ourselves for granted and push push push through to make things happen. But sometimes, the most important thing we can do...is to sit still and just listen.

Now onto the digest!

1. ❤️💗 LOVE IS LOVE.

In 86 days I'm going to marry this man.

Everytime the motha'fuckin' @theknot reminds me how many days I have; I'm reposting this picture.

That's it. No wisdom.

Just. Reminding. The. Knot. That we ALL know. And can't wait. xx



My friend Carrie generously let me spend the weekend at her gorgeous place (more on that later). It was such a good reminder of how important humor is. I mean, look at her bedding....amazing, right?! And just...FUN.

The current news is brutal and so is Facebook. I mean, those comments + shit💩 will get you down (way down!) It ain't right.

Life is hard enough.

Sometimes you just gotta chill the fuck out and let yourself be ridiculous.

Do something you love. Add in some humor. Be good to yourself and fuck, maybe even say a kind word to a stranger.

Because humor and kindness really do shift everything.


If you're waiting to be told that it's OK to make shit happen or that you'll be just fine if you do the work you believe in. Here it is.
Yes, you might fuck up. But you will be fine.

Permission granted.

Create. Again.

Permission granted, gorgeous.


...you sure are. And don't ever forget that, friend. Absolutely

When Ira proposed , I didn't get emotional until I read the engraving inside of my ring. Yep, you guessed it. "You're fucking magic." I knew then that I found my other half. I knew already but then I was certain. He GETS me.

He believes in magic.
I believe in magic.
He thinks I'm magic.
I believe him.

Spend time in the company of those that can stand for you when you can't, that believe in you when you're unwilling. Those that honor your greatness, even when you're not quite ready.

Those people, whomever they are for you...change everything.

My friend @nicrocdesigns custom made these cocktail stirrers for our upcoming wedding in Minnesota. She made 4 colors, only two shown, flip through to see the pink! More on all the details over the next few months 😘



I spent 15 years in the fashion industry. Ok, maybe closer to 17 but whatevs.
One day, I decided that I was a speaker and that I had a point of view that was necessary for the world to hear. Of course this is a very simplified explanation of a career shift but it's kinda' true.

I decided. Me. Alone. I made the conscious choice. The choice to be willing to stand out. The decision to stand the fuck up.

I get paid to speak to people about everything I believe in, in a language that is very much my own.

Because I have some important shit to say that will change your life.
I'm not exaggerating it or overestimating my skill set. I am, indeed, that good.
My words have been known to change people.

I support folks in changing their lives. I don't do the damn work. YOU do.
I only tell it like I see it...through my own lens of the world we live in. You take my words and live them OUT LOUD.

Now you might be reading this and think "damn Cyndie, ever eat some humble pie?!" And the answer is: YES; I've eaten a whole lot of it.

I grew up on welfare.
I'm an adult with a master's degree, have travelled to 28+ countries (many in business class) and changed careers successfully at the age of 35 while on anxiety medication.

I work for the life I have.
I chose the life I have.
I've never asked for anyone to do the work for me.
Instead, I made the choice.
I decided first.

And then I gracefully and gratefully accepted the awesomeness that is my life.

I challenge you to do the same.
YOU decide. First.
Don't allow others to decide for you, sweet friend.
YOU. DECIDE. who you are in this world.
Then... show the fuck up.

I'll be rooting for you.


magazine cover.jpg

It's finally here! This month's issue of BELONG Magazine.BELONG Magazine


This sounds ridiculous but I buy these handmade artisan candy bars in multiples when I go to Meadow in the West Village.


Treat Yo’Self to ONE awesome experience. It can be as simple as a meditation or walk in the park alone or HELL, go all in and take a jaunt to Morocco. I won’t be mad at you! But truly, enjoy one experience for yourself. Don’t ask for the approval of anyone else. Just DO this. You’ll thank me later and may even create a habit out of it. (I hope you do.)

That's it til' next time.

With love and wisdom from Brooklyn, 

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