DIGEST #003: Dear Grown Ass Women; Claim Your Badassery.

It's been a crazy few weeks. The Collective (of Us) launched. The women are incredible, not surprisingly. I'm officially on the cover of my FIRST magazine (yep, I said "1st" because...manifestation.) See more on that below.

AND I'm feeling very feisty about grown ass women stepping into their badassery. So much so that I've even created an Instagram campaign around it so expect to see and hear more about this soon! (One of the quotes is above and it's called "To Grown Women Everywhere.") Anywayyyyyy...

Now onto the digest!

1. ❤️💗 SO. THIS.

I love humility. I believe in it. I stand for it. I honor it.

Live with intention (and attention)....create exactly what you hope to build.

Be mindful of the words you use and the plans that you put into motion with those words.

Be mindful of who you surround yourself with because in many ways, you become them.

Be aware of the business that you're building and the long-term effect. 

But right now...THIS.

I am on the cover of @belongmag's next issue! Wha...what?! I. am. Speechless.

But I also want to celebrate this.

Because a poor kid from New Jersey doesn't end up on the cover of a magazine about community, entrepreneurship and women. Or...does she? YES, she does. 

She sure does.

Brooke, I have no words for how much this means to me but also to folks who don't think they can ever achieve ...because of circumstance. YOU are my hero, friend. Truly.

If you don't read BELONG, you want to.

Go pre-order yours!


Are you setting yourself up to sustain and do good shit 💩in the world?

Plan wisely.

Cheers to you creating a life of intention and business from a place of authenticity and clarity.

Cheers to standing proudly in your own badassery.


This quote is from Marianne Williamson and I keep repeating it...

I once took an autobiographical writing workshop and the facilitator said "Cyndie, your story is yours to tell and you decide which story you want to tell." Mind. Blown.

We don't need to air it all out to be honest or intentional with each other. We have the right to tell the story that we WANT to.

I grew up on the "wrong side" of the tracks and fairly poor, with a whole lot of LOVE but no motha'fuckin' money. I decided when I was 13 that I wouldn't be a poor adult, that I'd get an education, and that I would see the world. 

But here's the deal, where I come from made me the woman I am.


I choose to focus on the story of NOW, instead of then.

What story are you choosing to live in? Think about that and decide if that story is truly serving you. Today. .

Remember, no matter how true it is, it's still just another damn story.

And then consider this: are you building a business that tells the story you truly want to tell?


Someone is going to disagree with you, dislike you, dislike your products, your business and just about anything else they can think of.

Guess what? It's NOT your problem.

Keep moving.

Keep doing. 

Keep creating.

Keep making good shit happen.

Keep on keeping on.

This, friend, is where the magic lies. Promise.


Dear incredible grown ass women; stop making excuses for your badassery.

Don't qualify your awesome with a reason why it isn't true.

Stop making shit up to make yourself seem smaller and others seem bigger. You don't need to do that. 

The folks that can handle your greatness are the ones who'll support you where you are + elevate your strengths.

Those that can't handle that are not your problem. Truly.

Be the badass that you are.

Live it.

Own it.

Every motha'fucking day. xx


Ooooh, this is a quick must-read for when you want to give it all up...and perhaps understand why you shouldn’t (or should!) The Dip by Seth Godin


PopTarts! The old school kind! There ar just some things that I'll never let go of from childhood. Though I gladly let go of government cheese (don't ask if you don't know :)...the pop tarts stay! I haven't had one in YEARS but I was at my mom's this weekend and found a box of these. I helped myself. And damn, it brought back the simplicity of life as a skinny kid. Don't ever forget who you once were. Even through the crap; there's usually some good shit there too. 


Buy your advance copy of Belong and tag me on social media with your copy in hand. I’ll personally CALL the first 5 people who tag me so I can THANK YOU personally. (p.s. To be clear, I gain nothing financially out of you buying this gorgeous magazine. Instead I'd love to use this as an opportunity to thank you personally for your support and connect with you in real life, which I love to do but generally lack the time for:(

That's it til' next time.

With love and wisdom from Brooklyn, 


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