DIGEST #002 : We Choose the Life We Lead


BIG NEWS this week:


**But if you're not interested and just want the awesome digest, scroll down.**

This happens TWICE a year so today is a VERY big day around here. (CUE: Balloons, confetti🎊 and bourbon!)

Supporting women in growing their businesses is what I do better than anything. And I take it very seriously. So if you are or own a small business and it's been sloooooowly growing stagnant OR you've been needing to strategically plan growth and learn from other badass women; then today is a BIG day.

The Collective (of Us); the business mastermind and strategic community that I created is NOW OPEN TO NEW MEMBERS. (There are only 14 spaces left and we are formally opening doors TODAY.) Strategy sessions, community and business debauchery with incredible female founders and women small business owners starts the week of March 6th. Interested? Reply to this email for an application.

Check out this 2 minute video below to learn more. This is made by an artist using COFFEE☕️. No kidding. How badass is this?!

Now onto the digest!


I've spent a lifetime traveling the world, everywhere from Iceland to India and so many places in between. It somehow never occurred to me how much natural beauty and cool shit we hold right here in our own backyard. This is Palm Springs last week.

Just a few hours away.

Mind. Blowing how much is close by.

Get out and see the world often, even if that means going to your local cafe and people watching. 
Take the time to soak it up and be in awe.

Stop running. 
Stop doing. 
Start SEEING, friend. 


These shoes are made for walking...And that's just what I'll do. 
Bought these gorgeous chartreuse Paul Smith loafers from @housingworks and DAMN, they make me want to get 💩shit done.

They're kind of ridiculous but completely badass and so fucking BOLD. 
Do yourself a favor. 
Wear or do that thing that feels kind of silly. 
And do it often. It'll make you feel lighter, brighter and more like YOU. 
And if someone dare say you "look" silly, say thank you. 
And confidently keep making your mark in the world in your own unique way. 


Right on.
Do everything you can. Make awesome shit 💩 happen. 
But also give yourself a break and know when things are out of your control. They often are.

When that happens; quietly and gracefully, LET GO + move on.

This is Jake. Jake, can I get a little bit of fucking respect around here? Especially when I'm trying to get pictures taken! Please.

Ah, hell. Just let it go.
Surrender in.
You'll be a hell of a lot happier for it.


This is a picture from a workspace in my "previous" fashion life. 
It's in a villa...in Tuscany...overlooking a vineyard on a business trip to Florence. 
And that wine🍷...it's from the Vineyard. 
And that computer...that was work! It was AMAZING y'all. But.

You know what? I'd choose the life that I lead today, a million times over. 
I work all over and often times, I'm on my computer working with many of you from across the country and the world. 
Brooklyn isn't a villa in Tuscany but still, I'd choose this moment over that. 
I'd choose this life that I've worked so hard to craft over the career path I was on "because." It was good, but this better. 
Way better.

Create the way you choose to live and do so boldly and with grace.


People are not mind readers.

No one is standing by with hand out stretched waiting to hand you what they don't know you want or need.

Those who receive; ask.

Those who bitch and complain about what they don't have; oftentimes, don't ask.

The universe, at large, supports us. But only when we ask with grace for what we actually want.

Want to be friends? Invite someone out for coffee.

Want a raise or promotion? Start by sharing those goals with your boss.

Want a brand sponsorship; reach out to the brand and ask.

But for the love of all things holy; do not stand by and watch others live the life that you're too afraid to ask for. Ask. NOW.

You deserve amazing things. 
Start. Today. By asking.


Here's the deal:
Inspiration, motivation and every quote that inspires you to do...anything...Those are all awesome pieces of goodness. They're great to have. And we need those kind reminders. Truly. 

If you don't take action, if you don't do the work, if you don't allow yourself to fail, if you don't create the space to really get in there and make shit happen; then everything you've learned along the way... is rendered kinda' useless. 
So today, let's change that. 
Make the call. 
Send the email. 
Schedule your coaching session. 
Get on out there. 
Take action and do some badass shit. Because. You. Can.


Yesterday, I made the last minute decision to rent a car and head out to Joshua Tree, alone.

After connecting with so many people at Alt Summit; I needed to honor just myself.

To connect.
To disconnect.
To discover.
To be alone.

These trees scare the fuck out of me for some reason but I'm so glad that I took the journey. Alone.

Know when you need that and when you do; 
Sit still, 
Move or get in the car, solo, 
and just drive.

Take care of yourself as much as you do others.


I read this fiction book in three days. It has nothing to do with business, philosophy or anything involving thinking. It’s exactly what I needed to get my mind back on track. Oh, and it’s free on the Kindle App if you have Amazon Prime.


Self care is very easy to leave for last. I’m a yogi; a legit 500-hour trained yoga teacher in fact. And still (embarrassingly,) I barely make it to the studio to practice. I refuse to take random online yoga classes by teachers whose philosophy I don’t know or trust.  Problem SOLVED:  My own ISHTA yoga teachers, Alan + Sarah are part of a new online Yoga and Meditation community. Note: I get nothing for sharing this except knowing that my people will also start taking better care of themselves. And Sarah is offering you a 50% off discount on annual membership to the site, which makes it less than the cost of 3 yoga classes at their NY studio!  I’ve already signed up and have had 5 in-home practices since joining last week. So..it’s legit.

How to redeem:
Go to yoginit.com and create a free membership
Go to “Redeem a coupon”, under the Tools menu, and type Gift_Sarah
Follow the check out process and enjoy!


ASK for what you want. No matter how big or small. Practice trusting your own thoughts and opinions. You want ice in your water; ask for it rather than sitting through lukewarm water. Need help on a project, ASK for help rather than struggling. Whatever you need, ASK. And get over to Instagram and  let me know what you ask for!

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A hell of a digest this week but there was so much to share with you. Whew!

That's it til' next time.

With love and wisdom from Brooklyn,


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