I’ve learned a few things in this crazy, amazing, interesting life journey that I’ve been lucky enough to be on. One of the things I’ve learned is this:

We should always try our best, ALWAYS…but equally important is the understanding of when to gracefully and compassionately “move on” (in situations, in relationships and in general.)

Be the best person, friend, teacher, lover, ex-lover, ex-friend etc. that we can be.  Show compassion, consistently.  Forgive everything, always.  

And in so doing, know that we may not connect to every person in the way that we intended but when we follow our heart and our truest intention, we have done our best. Our authenticity is not based on someone else’s version of our truth. Our authenticity isn’t a “quality” than anyone can take away from us…unless we allow it. 

Show compassion, consistently. Forgive everything, always. Authenticity will prevail every time.