COLLABORATE...You will never have this moment again!

Below is a post that I wrote in collaboration with my pal, Sara, over at Make My Notebook. She is a business owner, designer + entrepreneur and created the most gorgeous line of custom "Made in the USA" notebooks.  We partnered together to make notebooks for the newest members of The Collective (of Us), a sample of which is shown below. I was honored to be asked to participate in the writing rituals section for her "What Will You Write Today?" blog. Take a read below.  I hope this inspires you to connect and collaborate fearlessly and often, friends. x

As a small business coach, teacher and solopreneur; I have a true passion for collaboration and connection as a way of staying inspired and engaged. When you work alone, it’s easy to disconnect and silo the work that you do. But working solo for too long in your biz can get lonely and disheartening…quickly.

By actively engaging your community and fellow (lady) bosses, you create opportunity for connection, biz growth and often times, a newfound confidence.

Collaborations are an incredible way to build “friendtor” relationships [friends and mentors in one] but also an inspiring way to support one another in growing business by connecting with new audiences. This is a mutual win for both sides.

Here are a few rules of engagement that are important to discuss before you begin this process of pitching collaborations.

1. YOU are enough. What you do is unique to you and of value to others.

Regardless of how many other {INSERT YOUR BIZ HERE} there are; your work comes from you and therefore is special. Your perspective and life experiences shape your art and no one else can duplicate that. Therefore, your work IS individual to you and incredibly unique.

(As a frame of reference, what if Oprah allowed the fact that David Letterman existed to stop her from pitching a talk show? Hmm…? Exactly!)

2. THINK BIG. Growth comes from stepping out of your comfort zone. Growth comes from NOT playing it safe. Don’t hold yourself back from great opportunities by belittling your own value and experiences.

3. Fear sucks + it’s bullshit. You have nothing to lose by asking. The worst-case scenario when pitching collaborations is that the recipient says “no” in which case, nothing has changed and no harm is done. NO BIG DEAL. The best case is that they say yes and you make magic together. Yay! SO ASK.

Now that we’ve gotten some ground rules out of the way; let’s begin our writing ritual on collaboration, shall we?

Grab a cup of chai, your favorite pen, a badass, BOSS-inspiring notebook and breathe. Actually, close your eyes and take 10 deep inhales and exhales.  This calms you from the inside out. Just trust me on this one and DO IT.

Ready? Good. Break open that bad-ass notebook!


Who do you want to collaborate with? Think BIG and not so big. Again, remember the ground rules above. You are enough.


What do you hope to get out of this collaboration? (i.e. more sales, brand awareness, more social following, expertise building etc.) BE CLEAR on your expectations.


List out two thoughts that you are most afraid of, regarding reaching out to collaborate. Take your time here. Listen to what you may not want to hear and write it down. The act of taking pen to paper is incredibly powerful at releasing blocks.

...For the rest of this informative writing ritual, please click here to read on!

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