How to Get Sh*T Done in 2015!

I wrote a kick-ass article {if I say so myself!} for Maker's Row offering actionable tips on 4 Critical Steps to Accomplishing Any Goal in 2015! {This title is much more professional for the Maker's Row website. wink.}

We often set ourselves up to fail by not having realistic goals. Instead of creating actionable steps to take (and therefore complete,) we create huge objectives that we can't easily fulfill. The task at hand becomes so tedious that it continues to move lower onto our priorities list until we become so overwhelmed that we give up.  That's precisely the point at which goals start to fall away and we feel as though we've failed.

Read below to learn 4 critical steps to help you avoid overwhelm and tackle ANY goal. You can achieve ANYTHING you set out to do once you learn these steps. Now get out there and get sh*t done, rockstars! (But read below FIRST.)

“The most important step is resolving to create change by having a plan of action.” (TWEET THIS!) - Cyndie Spiegel for Maker's Row 

Last year, for better or worse, is gone. 2015 is officially here (yay!) What’s next for your business? Where do you go now? How do you avoid the same mistakes that you made last year?  How do you get better at whatever you do?  The most important step is resolving to create change by having a plan of action.

By crafting business resolutions, you create a plan of action. In order to create change, you break down the biggest hurdles into smaller parts. From this, you can easily build a plan to quickly accomplish any goal.

1. List out your business goals.

Go deep and write everything that comes to mind. Don’t worry about how ridiculous or lofty they may seem. If it’s important enough to be on your mind, it needs to be written down.  Just. Write.

2. Review your list and prioritize what is most important for the growth of your business.

Start to narrow down the “must dos” from the “nice to have” goals.  What do you absolutely need to tackle now in order for your business to stabilize?  What will prevent you from moving forward? What will cause your business to stall if it isn’t handled immediately? These are your priorities and should be first on your list.

3. Cut the list in half.

Based on what you’ve prioritized; cut the list in half. Your goals just got a lot more manageable. It was just that simple.  Accept that you can NOT do everything. Tackling half of your challenges is 100% further along than you were last year. You can reevaluate your list and circle back after the most important goals have been resolved.

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