Pushing Your Business to the Next Level

Below is a recently published article that I wrote for Maker's Row discussing actionable ways to push your business to the next level, especially once it's reached a plateau. As a creative biz consultant and coach, I know that this happens to many small businesses at some point or another. You seem to be on a career/business high and then... a screeching halt. It feels awful and because you're deep in the midst of it, it's difficult to identify how to get "unstuck." Read below to learn a few valuable tools to do just that.

“Take action: push boundaries and allow yourself to be uncomfortable in an effort to move forward.” (TWEET THIS!) - Cyndie Spiegel for Maker's Row

   image credit: @maker's row

image credit: @maker's row

You’ve done the research and put in the time. You’ve finally built a business that you’re passionate about. You have a loyal following, social media loves you and there’s industry buzz about your brand.  Editors and buyers are actually calling YOU. You’ve officially arrived. All seems to be going exactly as planned until it isn’t. Sales begin to slow, your social presence is not as strong, people stop buzzing quite as loudly and a slightly different reality sets in. Not much seems to be happening …at all.  You question what went wrong and how you arrived at this place. Your business stagnated and you aren’t quite sure when this happened or how to get out of it.

The truth is, this is a part of the entrepreneurial growth process that we hardly ever hear about. Your thriving creative business has reached a plateau. As a small business consultant, I work with a lot of creative business owners and have worked through this issue many times. Recognizing that your business has plateaued is often the most difficult part of getting unstuck.

Whether you’ve lost inspiration or just gotten too comfortable, the first step is to accept that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. By nature of it being a plataeu, you’ve experienced a high level of success in order to get you where you are. You’ve already launched a successful business so you already know what’s possible. The key is in recognizing where you are in your business and taking actionable steps to move beyond the plateau point. Taking action means pushing boundaries and allowing yourself to be uncomfortable in an effort to move forward. 

Step 1. Answer the following questions (and actually WRITE the answers down

I know this sounds time consuming but it really does work.

1. What do you hope to accomplish in the next 6 months?
2. What is holding you back from taking action?
3. When were you most satisfied with the success of your business?
4. What are you most afraid of in the growth of your business?

These are fundamental questions that we usually bypass. By getting clear about where you are, where you want to be and then understanding why you’ve arrived at this plateau point, you’re freeing up the space to move beyond it. Understanding what drives you as an entrepreneur builds a much stronger foundation for the sustained growth of your creative business as opposed to just creating a “one-hit wonder.” 

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