🦄Treat Yo' Self: A Powerful Way To Stay Sane + Balanced In An Ever Evolving Business

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You can’t run a successful business (or life) if you’re running on empty.

Two months ago, I started something that has been LIFE-CHANGING for my mindset, my business and my relationships. You want to know what it is, don't you? Of course you do!

I booked myself a solo staycation for one full weekend.

When I say “staycation,” I don’t mean at my own place. I booked an Airbnb a few blocks away right here in Brooklyn.  I packed my favorite “take care of me” shit, went grocery shopping and off I went.  I took a car over because it was cold and I get really lazy sometimes. Hey, I never said I was perfect. Anyway…

I unlocked the door to a quiet brownstone ground floor sanctuary with slightly peeling tin ceilings, a large framed bed, Buddha on a mantle, a cozy chair and throw blanket, a small kitchen and not much else. It was…fucking awesome. It was quiet and I was alone with no TV or technology (except for the very nice coffee maker) for the next 48 hours. I read magazines that had been piling up for ages, lit incense, meditated twice a day, journaled, ate fancy goat’s milk ice cream from a local creamery…and then nearly went stir-crazy from having nothing to do and paced the apartment for about 15 minutes. Seriously, when do ever have this kind of time alone with NOTHING on our agenda? This, my friend, took some adjusting to.

Here are some pictures from this first solo weekend.


I didn't say I was super neat (or a pro photographer) but it's so much more freeing  to leave a bed unmade when it's not your own!

Here’s what quickly followed:

I loved that time away so much that I emailed my closest well-travelled friends and asked to use their apartments for future staycations whenever they were out of town. This was something I wanted to do ONCE a month for the rest of the year. Yes. Throughout 2017. 

And guess what? I have a place to stay from now through July, so far! (And all I had to do was ask.) It’s a luxury and I know that I’m privileged to be able to take time away and stay local BUT everyone (including you) can do some version of this.

Here are a few pictures from my SECOND weekend away, this month. (PS: my unedited pictures do this gorgeous space NO credit so forgive my crappy phone pictures.)


These weekends are not the time to read heavy shit. THINK EASY READING. Anna Quindlen and my fave Follain candle was perfect.

Is it wrong to drink your friend's open bottle of wine alongside your favorite candle? I didn't think so either. P.S. I also  broke this glass. Um, maybe reconsider offering me your place to stay at ;p I left a gorgeous bouquet of roses to make up for it, though. 

This time, I stayed a friend’s apartment in the fancy luxury building…NEXT DOOR to us, complete with yoga studio, coffee bar, co-work space and a 360 degree rooftop view of the city. Yep, it was very different than the previous experience but no less powerful. Equally exhilarating and quieting. This weekend gave me the time to really take care of me. I caught up on work (which I love, btw), luxuriated on face masks, lit candles and cooked small meals for myself. This was definitely something I could get used to once a month. And hey, since I live next door, I invited Ira to meet me for coffee in the coffee bar in the building on Sunday morning before he started his day and I continued on with my solo weekend. (C'mon, I missed him...I figured cheating on my solo time for a 1/2 hour wouldn't hurt anyone:)

Then I gave myself the motherlode of all facemasks  while basking in the scent of a gorgeous candle. (NOTE: I called on my pals over at Follain to re-stock my goods before heading out for the weekend and they generously obliged!) I've pictured some of my favorite products to take with me and I'll give you all the details so you can get your own (DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO EMAIL ME AND ASK TO BORROW MINE!)

This 14K gold razor and Neroli shave oil is made by a New York women-owned brand called Oui Shave. I promptly quit my Dollar Shave Club membership when I discovered this top of the line beauty. I purchased this before I could even talk myself out of it and I'm so glad I did!

Yes, you can buy most of these items. Go stock up on 10% off at Follain through March 31 using the code FOLLAINFRIENDS. This May Lindstrom face mask will CHANGE your life and your skin...no kidding. And I may or may not have eaten a little by mistake. It was really tasty, as far as face masks go. And. And. And. Follain's signature candle comes in a box that's made out of wildflower seeds which can then be PLANTED!  It's all in the details, isn't it?!

Here’s what most important to know about taking time alone.

1. You dictate how much time you need: it doesn’t matter if it’s 1 hour a month or 1 week a month. The time is yours for YOU to be alone with yourself. Spend it however you’d like.

2. Your staycation will look different than mine. Awesome. Perfect. Set your own standards.

3. There are exactly ZERO rules. If you want to use this to plan out your work-week quietly while allowing yourself time to think, rock on! If you’d rather shut everything down and do absolutely nothing but hang out in your fave undies and meditate all damn day, GO You! YOU DECIDE.

4. Have all your favorite products with you. Check out the women owned natural beauty shop, Follain. They've generously offered you a 10% discount using code FollainFriends at checkout and truly, this is one of my favorite places to buy all the natural skincare products that I use. Some of my other fave women owned beauty brands: OuiShave and Essential Rose Life. 

***This post is partially sponsored by my friends at Follain but I wouldn't recommend any products that I didn't personally already use and LOVE. I'm sharing it with you because I want you to know about this incredible woman owned business that I spend my own dollars supporting. 

NOW. YOU. GO. Decide how you want to spend time alone and SCHEDULE IT.  If you don't, it won't happen. I promise. 

Tell me in the comments when you're doing this and HOW. I want to learn from your inspired ways of taking care of yourself and your business. Please share, I love learning from you! 


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