5 (Surprising) Ways To Stay Grounded When Life Is Overwhelming

In the last month, I've filmed a 3-part videos series, launched The Collective (of Us), spoke at Monarch workshop, hired new team members and began officially planning my summer workshop tour of the U.S.A. Saying it's been "crazy around here" is an understatement!

BUT all of this brought up these few questions over and over again: How do we honor where we are in this exact moment when the world is buzzing with people doing awesome things around us? How do we not compare our perfect to someone else's?

These are five somewhat surprising ways that I've learned to keep my eyes on my own damn paper (as my friend, Tiffany Han says,) especially when I'm overwhelmed with my own life

1. Turn off the noise: Take a social media break. One week a month. I used to do this consistently and let it go but I'm planning to reincorporate it back in. I'd take pictures of the things I noticed and participated in during the week when I wasn't on social media. Things like whiskey cocktails, city traffic and high rise buildings being built became awe-inspiring when I created the space to actually pay attention to them.

2. Peruse a non-business related magazine or paper: Mindless reading allows us to settle in, relax and not (over) think. I'm usually the anti-subscription person because magazines pile up and collect dust BUT recently, I've changed that mindset. I subscribed to Yoga Journal, Brooklyn Magazine and Shape. I made the agreement with Ira that we had one month to read the current issues and then they all had to be donated to our basement, finished or not, for someone else to love (Our basement = the place where people leave cool free shit all the time. Welcome to Brooklyn.)

3. Go window shopping: Seriously. Walk around the west village if you're in NYC or any small shopping street across America. The act of observing shifts our awareness from worrying about our own "stuff" to instead witnessing what's happening around us. You can also do this in parks, museums or any public space. Try it.

4. Keep a gratitude journal, gratitude post-its or hell, a gratitude voice recording will do just fine, too: It's SOOO easy to get caught up in what everyone else is doing (which often equates to what you AREN'T doing!) My dear friend reminded me of this last week as I chatted her ear off about what I wasn't doing right in the world. (Yep, I do that, too.) And truthfully, it was a well needed reminder when I started to go down that shitty rabbit hole. It's as simple as reminding yourself daily of what you are grateful for (some of my list today includes lactose-free half and half {yes, it is a THING!,} my MACBook AIR, Ira and my mom.)

5. LOVE. BIG: Yep, this self-proclaimed queen of sass mouthed business inspiration just said that! LOVE in every form makes the world seem more bearable. I don't mean a partner, though that's good too. I mean LOVE EVERYONE. Smile. Lighten up. Talk to strangers. Pay attention to others. Love folks who need your love and kindness. Offer to do a nice thing for no reason. Buy someone a cup of coffee who could use one (really, everyone can use one! That should be #6 but we'll save that for a different list.) But seriously, show love often. And always. You'll feel this back a thousand fold. Especially when you most need it. I promise.

Respect and accept where you are and the journey that you're on. Keep on kickin' ass and taking names.

But before you do, tell me what ways you practice acceptance. Just click into the comments and let me know. I answer every single one you so i'm looking forward to being inspired by your greatness, friend.

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