The FIVE People You MUST Know (Or Avoid) To Thrive In Your Business

There are some folks that are absolute necessities to know in creating businesses that thrive. And there are others that you should avoid at all costs. Both are equally important to be aware of.  In fact, I’ve experienced every single one of these AND seen them so often that I’ve come up with short-hand names for these folks.

Take a read, glean what’s important and keep the rest in mind as you continue kicking ass and tasking names in business. 

These are TWO biz “friends” to avoid at ALL costs. 

-The COPYCAT- What begins as flattery… turns into SWF (Google the movie from the 90s if you don’t know what I’m referring to. Trust me, it ain’t right.)

This is the friendship that started out awesome enough but somehow things just went…wrong. Other folk’s notice that they start to sound like you, they show up on social media wearing the exact same clothing that you have and doing lots of things eerily like you.

Here’s the rub, it’s not just you. They do this to lots of people…and they rarely credit anyone.   They love what you stand for and  are struggling to find themselves and their own voice; they are good people trying to figure it out, not un-like you and I.

How to respond: Back. Away. Quickly. Give them space. Don’t engage. When and if it ever seems appropriate/ more balanced, you can continue to build a relationship then. Or not.

-The SWITCH HITTER-  Also known as the “flavor of the month.” This is the “pal” that loves you when you’re hot and dumps you when she’s “hot.” She befriends you when she needs something and barely speaks to you when she doesn’t.

How to respond: Don’t. You do NOT want to engage in this type of relationship. Ever.   Your goal is authentic relationships that are two-sided, not fair weather friendships.

BUT, it’s not all bad! These are the THREE biz friends you should do ANYTHING for:

-The Honest Cheerleader- This gal has your back like nobody’s business. She’ll tell you the truth head-on without sugar coating it but you KNOW she has your best intention at heart. Listen with an open- heart and mind when she speaks. Trust her. You NEED this woman in your corner to ground you when your ego gets bigger than you are. 

-The Networking Influencer- You have an authentic friendship with this person who seems to know everyone. You don’t call in many “favors” because you already know that she’d do whatever she could to support you. She respects what you do and because of that, she evangelizes on your behalf.  You also respect her work and mutually do all you can to support her.  Be mindful to keep this (sometimes unbalanced) relationship in balance by allowing the friendship to take precedent over business. 

-The Sister From Another Mister- You knew this gal long before you were the cool kid. She knows shit about you that no one else does. She loves you regardless of how successful/ cool/ savvy you are. And because of that, you do all you can to be a loyal and trust worthy pal for her.

These women are GOLD. Take care of them and honor them individually; they are incredibly rare.

Remember, inherently most people are really well-intentioned, even the folks to “avoid.” Every single one of us goes through the ups and downs of figuring out how to live a life we love. We get lost along the way. We find ourselves and keep moving forward. Not everyone is lucky enough to have an honest cheerleader in their corner. So be respectful of everyone but honor yourself and your own sanity, as well.