3 Reasons To Go For It. But Do It Differently.

Here’s the deal. Regardless of whether you have a business or not, you will have to make a decision on HOW to do something. That “something” could be big or it could be teeny tiny. It doesn’t really matter because still, there are only two options.

Option #1 is to do it the way it’s been done…or option #2 is to do it differently.

You may be wondering why it really matters, as long as the thing gets done.  Right?!

But here’s why.

By doing things differently than what you “know”:

1. You will truly begin to understand your own voice and needs. 

This is incredibly important because mostly, we go with the flow. It's easier and takes less work. It makes our lives simple.

But once you understand how to tap into what you really need, you realize how much happier you can be. (THINK: Order a plain ol’ cup of coffee OR you can order a half decaf, half regular with half and half, no sugar and make sure it’s hand brewed….Oh, wait… maybe that’s just me?)

You go from getting through each day to LOVING each day and feeling confident in each decision you make.

See the difference there?

2. You will flex the “muscle” that helps you say NO (or YES) when you need to.

How the hell does this have anything to do with doing things differently? When you begin to trust your own ways of being in the world, you learn when something feels right or kind of fucked up TO YOU.

You learn boundaries and tolerance.  You understand more deeply what aligns with whom you are and what doesn’t. You learn when you have to say NO, even though others may want you to say YES.

I challenge you to think about a decision that you’ve made that you didn’t really stand behind.  A decision you wished you’d said NO to. Usually, those situations don’t turn out the way we’d hope.

We didn’t trust our ability to make the right decision or and that always comes out in some way or another.

3. You will strengthen the ability to TRUST yourself and actually DO the things you believe in.

Think of the last time you thought, “Damn, I wish I could do…INSERT ANYTHING.”   Have you ever wondered why some people seem to do everything they hope for and others just…don’t?

I’ve noticed that the folks who consistently challenge the status quo also seem to be the ones who make shit happen. They TRUST themselves (or at the very least, they make decisions and are willing to take leaps of faith.) But either way, they DO the thing. Consistently.

I’m not suggesting that you ALWAYS have to challenge the status quo. That could get exhausting. BUT you could certainly do it a little more often. And in so doing, you’ll strengthen your own ability to trust your “inner knowing” and take action…as often as you’d like to.

So there you have it, friend. These are 3 powerful reasons to go for it (whatever “it” is for you) but DO consider doing IT differently. Hell, you may just change the world when you do. You are welcome!  

I want to know what your IT is. Tell me in the comments below if this inspired you, and how.