If you’ve been following along with me for a while, you know that this is the first post I’ve written in 10 weeks.

Because 10 weeks ago, I realized that I needed time away to tap back inwards: to my heart, to gratitude, my yoga practice and my family and friends. I needed the time off to re-connect to my WHY; my true reason for what I do in the world.

I had a long post drafted to you about lessons learned while taking time off and then swiftly realized that in this moment…it didn’t matter.

A lot has happened since my last newsletter in September.

Namely, the United States election.

I can't pretend all is business as usual. It's not.

I’ll be perfectly honest and tell you that I’m in Palm Springs for a conference as I write this and I haven’t turned on the news or read a newspaper since the election.

I woke up Wednesday morning and flipped on CNN to see who won the election. I sighed. And turned that shit off.

I still haven’t processed it all. I’m trying not to read the anger, hatred and crazy shit spreading on social media.

I wish I had wise words of wisdom but today, I just don’t.

As a bi-racial woman who grew up in poverty and worked really hard to make my way up and out, I am well aware of the implications of what just happened by voting Trump into presidency.

I will do everything in my power to create change, alone and collectively.

But I also know this—whatever cards we’re dealt, we will deal with.

These are words that I shared with The Collective (of Us) and I also want to share them with you.

Today of all days. 
Give a shit. 
Don't lose sight of what matters. 
Know you are not alone.

Fight for what you believe in but do not spew hatred. Not now. It will not serve any of us. I know that.

Speak your thoughts to those who will listen compassionately. To those who will support creating change.

Hearts are broken, people are hurting.
We are afraid, scared shitless and deeply angry.

Let us all just do what we can in this moment to do the best we can with what we have.

That's ALL we have right now.

I love you all and I'm right here experiencing all of this with you.

I have no words to describe the despair of this all but I KNOW we will be ok.

I am not naïve but it is with heartfelt compassion that I truly believe this to be true.

I don’t know how and I know it won’t be easy but we will be ok.

Please leave a comment below and share your thoughts.

Your voice matters and will be heard.

I give a shit and I will read every message. I promise.

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