3 Things You Must Do When You FAIL.

As a fellow creative or small business owner, you probably have some pretty big plans for your business (and your life).  Goals + milestones you hope to hit by a certain timeframe, or shit - maybe even just posting regularly on social media!

Well, I don’t know about you but I can be pretty hard on myself when I end up not reaching some of my goals.

But the truth of it is this: failing at a goal does NOT make you a failure. In fact, it’s normal.

There are 3 main realities of failure:

  1. Failure isn’t fun. (“No shit, thanks Cyndie!”) I know, but I’m serious. Failing at something we were really excited about sucks. And so it feels shitty for a minute or ten. But let’s not also beat ourselves up for feeling shitty on top of it, okay? Respect the negative feelings, honor them, and thank them for helping you recognize a change can be made.

  2. Failure is part of a success plan. Most great successes have experienced monumental failure. JK Rowling, Oprah, Sheryl Sandberg - they were all told they would never be what they wanted to be by people who (seemed) to hold the key to the gates of success in their fields. But guess what? They did pretty damn OK anyway. Failing means you are going after something instead of sitting on your ass in the sidelines! You are well on your way.

  3. Failure teaches you limits. When I failed at my physical activity goal around my birthday a few months ago, it taught me about my limits. These are not limits that I needed to beat myself up about, but instead, habits  that I’m now aware of, than can be supported differently.

For example, going from my apartment in Brooklyn to my yoga studio in Manhattan in the winter? Good luck. When you fail, identify what barrier or limit was impeding you.

When you’re aware of these realities, it can help you move forward and keep kicking ass.

3 steps to dusting yourself off after an epic fail:

  1. Recall your intention because intention is everything. I wanted to attend yoga classes more consistently because my body feels energized and my mind feels clear when I do. Those results are actually FEELINGS that I’m going for. THAT’S my intention. And there is always more than one way to get there.

  2. Know that you can plan differently the next time. Again, failure teaches you what habits, people, or situations are stopping you from going all the way. If you’ve failed and your intention is still the same, how can you re-work the plan? Remember how my yoga studio is too far from my apartment? Well, I’ve rented an office in a co-working space much closer to the studio starting February 1. {How can you make your goal less of a pain in the ass to reach? How can you re-think it?}

  3. Recognize that you can ALWAYS start over. Again. Seriously. Take a break. Re-assess. And when you’re ready (it doesn’t have to be right away), you can always give it another shot.

Those people you think are judging you for being “crazy to think about doing it again”? They’re not.

And if it’s people close to you, it’s only because they don’t want to see you get hurt.

But  only you know what’s best for YOU. So, if you’re up for it and you think it’s worthwhile, give it another go.

Now it’s your turn to be bold.

Where have you failed recently? With what I’ve shared, can you identify the big thing that was stopping you? How can you rethink it? Let me know in the comments below Truly, I reply to every comment because I actually do love supporting you!

I’m rooting for you, friend.