How To Take Charge Of Your Success

As you’re working on the day-to-day of your business (even if right now it’s your side hustle,) it can get really tempting to look at what everyone else is doing, how they’re doing it, and seek tons of advice from experts. I’ve been there a time (or ten) myself.

While all of this CAN be useful, there are other times that it’s a waste of your brilliant energy. And frankly, takes away from the creativity and the passion that you started out with.

Though there is a place for this, investing too much of your time researching what everyone else is doing will stifle you. It takes away your power to think freely and your time to create work that is truly game-changing.


Truth: The opinions of other people are not for you to worry about. But the responsibility of taking control of your business is all yours.

You’re going to have to do something BIG in order to bring that power back to yourself. That means creating when you may not want to, pushing through when the going gets tough, sending the difficult email and doing the work that you were put on this f*cking earth to do...because YOU CAN.

You are absolutely in charge of your own success and sometimes that means turning down other people’s noise and getting really clear on what YOU want and need from your business.

So tell me in the comments. What’s one thing you’re going to do this week to put yourself back in charge?



Cyndie Spiegel6 Comments