Don't Limit Yourself

2016 is sneaking up on us - and it’s likely that you’ve got some goals in mind (or perhaps you’ve already outlined them in a gorgeous notebook , you planner, you!)

But that thing you've been meaning to do, that goal you've been meaning to set...

I want you to consider doing it... BIGGER.

  • If your goal is to make $5K on your next launch, why can't it be $10k?
  • If you want to learn a new language - why not ditch the books and find a local to hang out with that’s fluent and will challenge you?
  • If your goal is to attend one event a month to expand your network, why can't it be three?

I’m not suggesting that bigger is always better. Sometimes it’s not... but just give some thought to "why not?"

Be willing to stretch yourself. Be willing to be uncomfortable. Consider taking one small goal today ...and dream it bigger.

It’s easy to fall into the safety of setting realistic goals to save us from the disappointment that comes with failure.  I get that. But also know that failure is an important part of success.

When you set BIGGER goals you immediately start to think of new and different ways to achieve them.  You train your heart and mind to be flexible and you innovate more often.

Seeing our businesses and lives from the inside doesn't always allow for the perspective that we need to thrive and continue to grow. (It's another reason why having a Small Business Coach is so damn helpful! - You’re welcome ;)

Today, think bigger, friend. Get out there and expand your own possibilities. Because you CAN.

And declare in the comments below one goal you’re going to think bigger on. I’m reading them all!

Cyndie SpiegelComment