As the New Year slowly emerges, there’s so much opportunity to be inspired. 

Instagram quotes, articles on Facebook, the latest conversation you’ve had or even the book you’ve been reading.

Inspiration, motivation and every quote that inspires you to do...anything. They’re all awesome pieces of goodness.

They're great to have. And we need those reminders. Truly. Here’s where the BUT comes in...

If you don't take action or do the work,

If you don't allow yourself to try things without someone else’s formula,

If you don't create the space to really get in there and make shit happen…

Then everything you've learned along the way is rendered pretty much useless.

Every post you've "liked", every class you've paid for (including mine!) and every book you've read; those things can't do the work for you.

They’re the vessels to inspire you to do the hard work... YOURSELF.

In fact, I’d like to challenge you this week to STOP looking for inspiration. Maybe even stop checking social media. Take one of the biggest sources of inspiration you’ve had lately and DO something about it. Take action.

Make the call. Send the email. Schedule your coaching session. Get on out there. Take action and do some badass shit.

Because, friend... You. Can.

And then,  let me support you in being accountable! Leave me a comment below and tell me exactly what action you’re going to take. I wanna know.



Cyndie Spiegel3 Comments