The Collective (of Us)

Alumni Mastermind

We probably need a bit of welcome information here.

Here's is what's included:

·       (6) 30-45 minute one-on-one calls with me every month. That's three+ hours total with me over 6 months.

·       (6) Collective Mastermind monthly group calls. These calls will be more focused than what you had for The Collective, and are meant to support you and ensure that you’re putting in work to reach your business goals. We can also openly discuss all challenges and questions with one another in this focused, exclusive group setting.

·       (6) Collective Mastermind Partner group calls. These calls will be self-facilitated with one or two other Mastermind members. Each month, you'll be assigned different partners. This allows you to build solid relationships with each member of the group and really utilize the in-depth support of the other members to focus on what your needs are.

·       (6) 4-hour on-line co-working days (1 per month.) On these calls, we are all on-line LIVE via Zoom or Skype but working independently. The beauty of this is that we are all available to ask questions that come up. These days are perfect for tackling a project that you might be challenged to do without the support, even if it’s just words of support that you need. This is similar to co-working in person; we are there to support one another but mainly you are working solo. (VERY powerful for getting projects done!)

·       (1) Exclusive goal setting plan to kick off the Mastermind and clarify where you’d like to be at the end of the 6 month period of time, and what your steps will be along the way in your process. NOTE: We also have a 3-month group goal check-in to reevaluate holistic goals and shift them, as needed. Many current mastermind exceeded their goals by the 3-month mark and a few simply changed directions

·       (1) A snail mail package including my fave books and biz references.

The one-time investment for this long-term accountability and mastermind program is $4995 or 6 x payments of $855. 


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