A Year of Positive Thinking: Daily Inspiration, Wisdom and Courage

Changing your mindset is no easy feat...but it can be done. I don't mean in a "rainbows, blue skies and butterflies" naive way but instead, in a highly-relatable "down on your knees, heart exploding with possibilities" way that you never before have experienced or imagined possible for yourself.

“I deeply love Cyndie's message and style―she's taught me to say yes more, to say no more, and to actually ask for what I want. Her new book, A Year of Positive Thinking, provides a lovely, inspiring, and always spot-on daily reminder that you are enough. Get ready to say, ‘Oh, I really needed to hear this today’...365 times.”Rachel Miller, Senior Lifestyle Editor at BuzzFeed and author of Dot Journaling: A Practical Guide

A Year of Positive Thinking is a beautiful, accessible book for engineering positivity. Cyndie’s voice is powerful because of its honesty and earnestness―she’s walked where I’ve walked, she’s stood where I stand. Full of inspiring wisdom and encouraging call to action, this book is more than simple comfort on a rough day―it’s a way to change your entire way of thinking.”Meera Lee Patel, author of MADE OUT OF STARS: A Journal for Self-Realization

“As a clinician who practices Cognitive Behavioral methods, I am excited for Cyndie’s readers to experience this smart, digestible introduction to the powerful impact our thinking has on how we feel and behave. Cyndie introduces a smorgasbord of invaluable insights that are sure to resonate with every reader. I recommend diving into A Year of Positive Thinking for all those looking to live more intentionally in 2019 and beyond.”Dr. Lauren Hazzouri, Licensed Psychologist, Founder of HeyLauren.com and The Practice

“Ready to turn your year around? This brand-new book from motivational speaker Cyndie Spiegel provides 365 days of exercises, affirmations, and lessons to teach users the power of positivity. The book's actionable teachings are rooted in positive psychology and neuroscience, as well as cognitive behavioral methods — so nothing woo-woo here! 

If you want to rekindle the optimism in your life, this book demonstrates that shifting your mindset doesn't happen overnight, but it is possible.” - Melanie Yates, Senior Home Decor Editor for BestProducts.com, A Part of Hearst Digital Media


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⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Like those page-a-day calendars, but way way better

“You know how you buy those inspirational page-a-day calendars (let's be honest, someone "gifted" you that thing) and you start out gleefully tearing away every day until like March when you forget all about it? Then you see it again in October and feel guilty so you tear 6 months worth of cheerful "you can do its" off and toss them in the trash and still don't remember to use it till February of the next year? No? Just me then.
This book is not like that.
… The wisdom Cyndie imparts is timeless and yet rooted in the present…
Cyndie's daily entries can be used as a daily writing prompt, a morning meditation , an evening reflection, and a fun email signature. They are short and to the point, respecting my time and my intelligence.

If you've never had the opportunity to hear Cyndie speak (and you should definitely do that), this is the next best thing... She challenges us to stand in our truth- or sit with our pain- until we strip away everything that does not serve us and uncover what does. She gives us permission to show up, just as we are.

Most importantly she makes us pinky swear never to ask for permission again.
So, if you think you need some of that in your life. This book is for you.
P.S. This isn't just for women. I bought this for all of the people in my life, regardless of gender.” - Skully via Amazon Book Reviews